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What to Know About Garbage Truck Tires

Garbage Truck Tires

When purchasing a garbage truck, you typically know which type or size you want. However once you make the purchase, it is essential to learn about all aspects of a garbage truck prior to hitting the road. What ensures that your garbage truck can tread from route to route? That’s right, garbage truck tires.

How Garbage Truck Tires Differ From Regular Tires

Garbage trucks require a specific tire that can sustain a heavy load and a constant change in tire pressure. Due to the heavy truck load and rough driving route, garbage truck tires run down quicker than typical trucks or cars. Using a quality garbage truck tire brand will result in a higher cost, but is necessary for a longer tread life and retreadability. The garbage truck tire’s durability is the main factor resulting in a longer tread life. Although more costly at first purchase, garbage truck tires are cost efficient because the tires can be retreaded about five to six times. The main difference between garbage truck tires and regular tires is that garbage truck tires have a load rating of about 10,000 pounds in order to hold the front axle that is typically 20,000 pounds.

How Many Tires Does A Garbage Truck Have?

In order to hold the heavy truck load, garbage trucks typically have 10 – 12 tires. The number of tires vary depending on if the garbage truck is a front loader, rear loader, side loader or roll off truck. .

How long do garbage truck tires last?

Garbage truck tires have a significantly shorter lifespan than most vehicles. Garbage truck tires last anywhere from six weeks to a few years depending on the following:

  • Driver
  • Tire size
  • Type of truck
  • Route
  • Terrain
  • Climate

Along with the heavy loads and rough routes, garbage trucks take turns and stop more frequently than most trucks which increases the break heat and therefore, the rundown of tires. However, the strong construction of garbage truck tires can lead to a longer tread life. Below are how garbage truck tires are constructed in order to expand tread life.

  • Wide and deep tread
  • Heavier beads than normal trucks
  • Heavier casings for more durability
  • Resistant rubber on casing

Garbage truck tires are constructed to avoid overheating, allow for a longer tread life and to have the ability to retreaded multiple times. Overall, the strong construction increases the lifespan and cost efficiency of the tire.

A Reminder To Conduct Regular Garbage Truck Maintenance

Garage truck tires are not the only part of the vehicle prone to wear and tear. If you have any concerns about your garbage truck or are looking to prevent vehicle damage, Route Ready provides a regular garbage truck maintenance checklist.

If you are looking for a used garbage truck, Route Ready is ready for you! We offer an OEM garbage truck warranty on our trucks along with . Contact us today to get in touch and discuss how we can help you.

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