What You Should Know About Regular Garbage Truck Maintenance

If operators ignore regular garbage truck maintenance, they run the risk of having their trucks break down while on a route. Routine maintenance comes with a cost but it is far less than the cost of a vehicle that won’t run. Regular oil changes, tuneups, lube checkups and tire pressure checks keep vehicles on the road and making money. Major repairs on garbage trucks can cost much more than the price of proper maintenance. A garbage collection truck has to endure heavy usage that is demanding and this can wreak havoc when not properly cared for.

Garbage Truck Maintenance For A Smooth Running Business

A truck that is out of commission will cost a business more than the necessary routine maintenance. This is a serious issue because when trucks run and are on the road, they provide great service so that your customers remain satisfied. Maintaining and inspecting your trucks on a regular basis can help you to identify problems sooner and get them resolved quickly to prevent the truck from breaking down. Putting a maintenance schedule into place is a cheap and efficient way of fixing any type of defect and preventing others from occurring.

The Cost Of Preventative Maintenance

The single best way to prevent unscheduled downtime is to perform basic garbage truck maintenance. Unscheduled downtime in the sanitation industry results in missed routes and customers that are unhappy. As you put systems into place to perform preventative maintenance, you will begin to see your maintenance costs go down.

Maintenance Checklists

You should have daily and weekly checklists to give your drivers. There are certain parts of the vehicles that should be inspected daily.

You should make daily checklists for your drivers and they should be performing regular maintenance on the garbage truck as part of their normal job duties. The daily checklist should include inspecting:

  • hydraulics
  • rollers
  • back up and hoist up warning sensors
  • nuts and bolts
  • cables and cable ends
  • rear hinge
  • oil level
  • control rod
  • structural welds and parts
  • pivot points
  • shafts
  • cotter keys
  • front and rear stops
  • wiring
  • lamps
  • reflectors

Always have the driver do a walk around the truck each day before starting his route and at the end of his shift when he comes back to the garage. The tires should also be inspected each day before heading out to make sure the tire pressure is good. The engine oil and other fluids should be checked weekly. The rollers are high-maintenance and should be lubricated weekly.

Because of the constant stopping of the truck, the brakes will need special attention. The constant wear and tear causes excess stress and they tend to need replaced more often. Setting up an incentive program to reward drivers for properly maintaining the garbage trucks in your company will result in better running vehicles that work when you need them and it can improve company morale. If you are in the market for a used garbage truck for sale, Route Ready can help.

Used Garbage Trucks From Route Ready

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