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How Does a Roll Off Truck Work?

Roll off garbage trucks are rugged, highly versatile vehicles that make great additions to most waste management companies. From transporting commercial waste to aiding in post-disaster cleanup, roll off trucks are perfect for any job that requires a durable, high-capacity solution. Before you start shopping for used garbage trucks for sale, read up on how these remarkable vehicles work.

How Roll Off Trucks Work

A roll off truck is a commercial truck with a large, reinforced platform behind the driver’s cabin. The driver can tilt this platform up and down using a series of levers. Also attached to the platform is a winch, cable, or hook. When it’s time to attach a dumpster to the truck, the driver simply parks the truck near it, attaches the winch or hook, and pulls the waste container up and onto the platform.

A series of locks secure the dumpster in place, allowing the truck to safely transport it wherever it needs to go. Once the roll off truck arrives at its destination, it can open the dumpster’s doors and tilt the platform up, emptying the dumpster’s contents into a landfill or recycling center.

It can also unlock the dumpster and allow it to “roll off” the platform, allowing it to carry other materials.

Why Roll Off Trucks Are Used in Waste Management

Roll off garbage trucks are typically used in heavy-duty roles that are unsuitable for a more typical waste management vehicle. A conventional side or rear loader garbage truck, for instance, is a poor choice for managing industrial waste or helping post-disaster cleanup efforts. In the former situation, the sheer amount of waste produced and its bulk requires a full-sized dumpster to carry, which requires a roll off truck to carry. In the latter case, typical rear and side loaders cannot pick up the debris left behind a disaster.

Roll off trucks are also useful in any situation where the truck that carries waste and the container that holds waste are not necessarily needed at the same time; for example, a roll off truck can deliver multiple dumpsters to different work sites, and pick them up when they’re full as needed.

Lastly, roll off trucks are used in areas where door-to-door trash pickup is impractical, such as in rural areas. In these regions, people typically take their waste to a centralized location with portable dumpsters serviced by, you guessed it, roll off trucks.

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