Front loader picking up trash

How Does a Front Loader Garbage Truck Work?

When it comes to waste management, no other vehicle can match front loader garbage trucks in terms of efficiency and hauling capacity. Reliable, powerful, and easy to use, front loaders are a key part of any garbage removal fleet, especially for commercial routes. Before you start looking for used front loader trucks or sale, however, it’s important to understand how they work, so you can better prepare to integrate these workhorses into your operation.

How a Front Loader Garbage Truck Works

Every front loader garbage truck follows the same basic design layout: a large truck body with a pair of hydraulic forks in the front, and a hopper in the back to carry garbage in. When the front loader pulls up to a garbage bin, the hydraulic forks slot into the bin on either side, and then lift the bin up and over the driver’s cab to dump the bin’s contents into the hopper.

Most hoppers include compactors that squeeze waste into a smaller space, creating more room to carry more garbage.

Front loader garbage trucks enjoy several advantages over other configurations. First, placing the hydraulic arm in front of the driver’s cabin gives them a full view of the garbage bin as it is being lifted, making it easier for the driver to watch and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Secondly, the hydraulic arms used on front loaders are stronger than those used on side loaders and take up less space, letting the truck pick up heavier loads and haul more waste overall. This makes front loader garbage trucks perfect for managing commercial waste, which typically produces more and is heavier than residential waste.

The History of Front Loader Garbage Trucks

The first front loader trucks were developed in the 1950s, in response to the economic boom of the post-World War 2 period. As cities expanded and factories grew, new methods were needed to keep up with the waste generated by this productivity.

Bucket loaders and open-dump bodies were already in use, but they could not keep up with the amount of garbage created; front loaders, on the other hand, allowed waste management companies to haul more waste with fewer workers per truck, letting them keep pace with the rest of the economy’s growth.

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