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Everything You Need To Know About Used Galbreath Garbage Trucks

Galbreath, one of the leading trailer and hoist brands, provides a range of used items like garbage trucks, trailers, cable hoists, and container handlers, used in the recycling and scrap industries. It is a significant part of the Wastequip’s Mobile Products Division involved in manufacturing truck-mounted hoists, multi-axle configurations, and single-trailer hoists to accommodate different roll-off containers.

Buying Guide for Used Galbreath Garbage Trucks

Are you involved in a trash collection business and want to buy a garbage truck without spending a fortune? The best decision you can make is purchasing a used Galbreath garbage truck. These are not only cost-effective, but also long-lasting. When choosing your next Galbreath, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

Choose the truck that fits your purpose

Albeit the fact that Galbreath garbage trucks are designed to carry trash, you will still have to identify what type of rubbish you want to transport. Your choice of truck will depend on that decision. If you are involved in commercial waste removal, you will need a trash truck loader with a front or rear opening. This makes it easier to carry a large quantity of trash in one sitting. On the other hand, if you want to remove residential trash, a side loader garbage truck is ideal.

Look for garbage trucks that are still in good condition

The quality of these trucks is impressive, ensuring they will last for years. When you are buying them second hand, make sure you check them physically. Inspect all the parts carefully. From the loader to the chamber that stores all the garbage, you shouldn’t leave a single component go without inspection. Remember that you are buying a used truck and no matter what the dealer assures, it is still wise to do your own inspections instead of relying on the words of the seller.

Ask questions about the truck

List down some essential questions for the dealer: ask them to show the maintenance record of the truck, where the truck was used previously, how many kilometers it traveled, and so on.
Purchasing a used truck is not easy. But, if you consider buying a Galbreath garbage truck, you can be assured that you are investing in quality.

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