Galbreath roll off trucks are durable, versatile, and easy to operate. Among the most rugged and reliable waste hauling vehicles on the market, Galbreath roll offs are configured to accommodate almost any type or size of waste container. Maximize your profits while minimizing your operating costs by purchasing a superbly reconditioned, late-model used Galbreath roll off garbage truck at significant cost savings when compared to buying new. Route Ready’s Galbreath refuse trucks are just that—ready to be driven off the lot and go to work for you RIGHT NOW.




Built to take care of business in commercial routes.


The ultimate go-to for


Handles residential demands and obstacles.


Take on any projects with this powerful workhorse.

Features of Galbreath Roll Off Trucks for Sale


All trucks equipped with a Galbreath roll off trailer are backed by the following features:

  • Industry-leading engineering and design – the name Galbreath is synonymous with cutting-edge innovation throughout the waste hauling industry.
  • Comprehensive customer support – thanks to Galbreath’s expert team of product specialists.
  • Outstanding safety record – no matter what type of Galbreath hoist your truck is equipped with.


Cable-Hoisted Galbreath Roll Off Garbage Trucks


Galbreath roll off trucks for sale come in two distinct formats, cable hoisted and hook hoisted.


The primary advantage of a cable-hoisted system is the ability to adjust the rail angle at will. This makes it possible to load and unload containers inside confined or enclosed structures. Cable hoisting systems are also highly versatile since they can handle a wide range of container sizes.


Hook-Hoisted Galbreath Roll Off Trucks


A hook-hoisted Galbreath roll off truck is highly maneuverable, making it a good choice for squeezing in and out of tight locations. Also, a hoist-mounted system allows the driver to collect or deposit the container without ever leaving the vehicle, making the job safer and more convenient for your workers.


Other Benefits of Used Galbreath Roll Off Trucks


Specific types of Galbreath roll off trucks offer added advantages. For example, an above-frame (AF) design is a perfect choice for use with alternative fuel systems such as compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Your Route Ready representative will be glad to discuss these features with you when you get in touch with us.


Why Preowned Is Better Than New


You’ll enjoy even more benefits when you purchase used Galbreath roll off trucks from Route Ready rather than buying brand-new. These include:

  • No federal excise tax – this alone can save you many thousands of dollars.
  • Our industry-exclusive warranties – for example, all of our Route Ready Premium models are covered by our 60-day confidence guarantee in addition to the remaining manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Ready now for you to purchase – buying a new truck can entail an extended waiting period, whereas our used Galbreath roll off trucks for sale are available right now.


No matter what your waste hauling needs, Route Ready has a truck available right now that can get the job done. Contact us today to request a garbage truck quote. Get the performance and durability of a new truck at an affordable preowned price, with an industry-best warranty to back it up.