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What You Need to Know About the Curotto Can

Commercial waste management companies are constantly looking for the most efficient way to collect trash, whether that means optimizing collection routes, implementing new technologies, or choosing the right garbage truck for the job. For the last of these points, the question often comes down to what configuration of garbage truck should be used, such as a side loader or front loader. Both of these configurations have their benefits and downsides… but what if there was a way to combine them?

The Curotto Can system is designed to integrate the flexibility of an automated side loader with the carrying capacity of a front loader, giving you the advantages of both. If you’re looking at garbage trucks for sale, you should seriously consider a Curotto Can as an option.

How the Curotto Can System Works

The Curotto-Can commercial gripper system is essentially an add-on for an automated front loader that lets it act as a side loader. Attached to a front loader garbage truck’s arm is a container and grabber mounted to its side. This side-mounted grabber is what picks up garbage cans and empties them into the container. Once the container is full, it is tipped back and emptied into the garbage truck’s hopper, ready to continue on the truck’s collection route.

Advantages of the Curotto Can System

This means that the Curotto Can system combines the flexibility of an automated side loader with the safety and carrying capacity of an automated front loader. By keeping the loading system in front of the driver, the driver is able to keep their eyes constantly forward on both the loader and the road ahead of them, rather than having to constantly look back to make sure that the collector arm and can are lined up properly.

In addition to keeping the driver and truck safer, this also reduces strain on the driver’s neck and shoulders, reducing the need to pay worker’s compensation.

The Curotto Can system is also much faster and efficient. The Curotto Can completes its cycle from pickup to dump to return in 4-5 seconds, whereas the typical side loader takes roughly 12 seconds to do the same. The Curotto Can can also extend and retract its grabbers while driving to and away from the can, further cutting down on time per stop.

Because a Curotto Can mounts onto a front loader truck, waste management companies can also take advantage of the superior carrying capacity that front loaders have compared to side loaders, meaning more trash collected per route and less time spent emptying the hopper at the landfill.

If you’re considering adding a used front loader garbage truck to your fleet, we invite you to contact Route Ready Trucks. We specialize in helping customers address their long-term trucking needs with high-quality preowned vehicles that have been thoroughly inspected and certified. Call us today, and we can give you a garbage truck quote and start helping you find the perfect trucking solution for your company.

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