things to consider before finalizing your fleet

What to Consider Before Finalizing Your 2023 Garbage Truck Fleet Budget

The new year is upon us, and now might be the time to consider what factors will contribute to your 2023 garbage truck fleet budget. One of the key ways to save money and scale up more quickly is to forego the astronomical sticker price of brand-new trucks and instead purchase quality used refuse trucks from Route Ready. You pay no federal excise tax on these late-model vehicles from top manufacturers you trust. Equipped with the latest features and advanced tech, they’re fully refurbished and ready to give you the long-term durability you need at a price you can afford.

You can buy with confidence thanks not only to the OEM warranty, but also to the industry-exclusive 30- or 60-day garbage truck warranty that comes with our Plus- and Premium-level trucks.

Read on to learn how we can help you meet your 2023 forecasting needs by addressing key budgetary concerns.

Expand Your Fleet

Purchasing new trucks with all the bells and whistles right off the showroom floor has its perks. It can also be costly. Buying a used garbage truck, on the other hand, makes logistical sense when it comes to scaling your business and making your capital investment go further.

Refurbished refuse trucks for sale from Route Ready give you more bang for your buck. The money you allocate in your budget for fleet expansion won’t be swallowed up by the single purchase of an exorbitantly priced showroom-floor model, but can now be spread out to cover multiple used trucks that you can use to take on new and bigger jobs.

Experiment With Different Truck Brands

With the money you save by purchasing used garbage trucks, you’ll have more flexibility to try out different vehicle makes and models to see which best meets your needs and specifications. We sell trucks from the industry’s leading manufacturers, such as Heil, Labrie, Peterbilt, Mack, and more.

Convert a Fleet for Different Routes

The lower cost of used trucks can help you convert your fleet to different routes more quickly and efficiently in 2023. Don’t let budget constraints hold you back from taking advantage of new high-yield opportunities. Investing in quality refurbished trucks can help you pivot quickly to meet increased demand and expand your logistical capabilities.

Replace Retired Garbage Trucks

Inevitably, trucks will break down and need to be retired. But this doesn’t have to be crippling for your business or force you to wait until 2024 to find money in the budget for a replacement. With affordably priced used garbage trucks, you can respond in real-time to truck breakdowns and stay on schedule for fleet expansion without taking a major hit to your bottom line.

With Route Ready, you can invest your capital with peace of mind knowing that our trucks are fully inspected and certified, and ready to give you the performance and reliability you expect from day one.

Explore Late-model Garbage Trucks From Route Ready

Did you know that Route Ready’s team can help you forecast your garbage truck fleet’s needs for 2023? Contact us right away to see how we can help you. Request a personalized refuse truck quote and start the new year off right for your waste hauling business.

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