Which Type of Garbage Truck Should You Buy?

Planning to buy a garbage truck, but not sure which one is best suited for your needs? You need to understand the features of different garbage trucks before choosing the right one. So, here are some of the types that you should take a look at:

    1. Front loader

These are used for industrial and commercial businesses that involve carrying enormous amounts of waste materials. The waste containers are huge, and they come with lids called front load dumpsters. The front of the truck has automated forks that the driver aligns with the sleeves attached to the container. This container goes on top of the truck and flipped upside down. All the waste is emptied into the hopper which is then compacted using a wall that is powered hydraulically oscillating back and forth to push the trash from the vehicle.

The latest models of front loader trucks are available with “pack-on-the-go hydraulics” that allows the driver to pack loads while en route to the destination to fasten the route times. These units have a compaction wall that moves to the rear of the truck to eject the waste through the tailgate when the body is full.

    1. Rear loaders

As the name suggests, these trucks have an opening at the rear where the waste collector empties the bin contents in it. Many of these models come with an automatic lifting technique that the operator can use to collect the waste instead of using his/her hands. Some of the other models have a groove system where the trash can slide into the hopper quickly.

    1. Side loaders

Waste materials are forced into the truck from the sides either with an automatic lift or manually. This is one of the most popular garbage trucks because of its easy operation. As the waste enters the truck, they are compacted to the rear end allowing more space for more garbage.

    1. Roll Off Trucks

Roll off trucks are very popular for choices for trash companies due to the level of flexibility for these types of units. With a roll off truck you can pick up anything that you can get rails under. These models allow for large dumpster containers to be delivered and picked up at time you specify. Whether your handling a large remodel project or commercial construction roll off trucks can offer a lot of options.

Now that you know the different types of garbage trucks and how they are used, you can choose one that fits your requirements.

Purchasing a Used Garbage Truck From Route Ready

Route Ready trucks checks for structural integrity of all used garbage trucks we sell. Contact us today to inquire about any one of our trucks ready for use.

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