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The Four Types of Garbage Trucks

Like any other profession, succeeding in the waste collection industry requires understanding the tools used, which means knowing the differences between the four types of garbage trucks. They differ in how they collect garbage and load it into their transportation bins. Before looking at used waste trucks for sale, take some time to review the different types and what they’re used for so that you can find one that best suits your needs.

Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader garbage trucks are typically used for commercial and industrial businesses, as they have some of the highest lifting and carrying capacities. Equipped with powerful hydraulic forks at the front of the vehicle, front loaders pick up bins, hoist them up over the crew cabin, and dump them into the hopper at the rear of the body. Used front-loader garbage trucks can lift containers weighing an average of 8000 lbs, and hold up to 40 cubic yards worth of trash, making them perfect for any collection route that requires strength and carrying capacity.

Side Loader Garbage Trucks

Side loader garbage trucks are the masters of residential garbage collection. While some manual side loader garbage trucks are still operating today, most are now automated, with hydraulic arms mounted on the side that pick up garbage cans and empty them into the hopper. Automated side loaders have two significant advantages. First, they require only a single employee to operate effectively, which helps save on payroll, making your company more efficient. Secondly, the operator does not need to leave the cabin during collection, making it safer and less taxing.

Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

The first type of garbage truck, rear loader trucks, is still used as it allows workers to load trash directly into the hopper. This ease of access means that rear loaders can be used for commercial and residential clients. With a capacity typically ranging from 6 to 35 cubic yards, rear loader garbage trucks can handle large and small workloads.

Roll Off Trucks

Typically used for large-scale commercial trash removal, roll-off trucks feature containers that can detach from the main body, “rolling off” and allowing the truck to continue while leaving the container behind. These trucks are most frequently seen in places like demolition or construction sites, where their sturdy construction lets them handle the heaviest of waste like concrete or steel. Once the container is full, a roll-off truck can reattach it to its chassis and haul it to the dump site.

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