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Route Ready Premium Certification & The Benefits

Route Ready Premium Trucks: The Highest Quality

Route Ready Premium trucks are Route Ready Plus certified and so much more. From our 60-day Route Ready Operation Confidence Warranty to the 6-month elite customer support, you can’t go wrong with a Rout Ready Premium certified truck. The premium level will certainly give you peace of mind because you have a garbage truck with an extended warranty and customer support from our qualified staff here at Route Ready.

What Comes With a Route Ready Premium Certification?

It starts with a 215-point detailed inspection, however, also at this level all operational hoses are replaced, any and all body damage is repaired. Additionally, custom build options are also available upon request to suit your specific garbage collection needs. The premium level also includes new cab paint which can be customized upon request on all of our for-sale garbage trucks.

Custom Build Options From The Route Ready Premium Certification Level

The premium level can help customize your garbage hauler to the specs provided. We can customize a truck for your route needs and region. We can also help customize to your needs to ensure you run your collection routes in the most cost-effective way possible. These custom build options can help to keep your equipment operating for many years to come and provide a return on your investment for your fleet of trucks.

If you want to make sure that the garbage trucks in your fleet are DOT compliant and come with the utmost care and repair, then take advantage of the Route Ready Premium difference. Contact us today for a garbage truck quote.

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