pile of garbage from covid 19 pandemic

Increased Residential Waste Demand During Covid-19 Pandemic

During an outbreak such as COVID-19, waste management becomes an even more essential part of society. Cleanliness is important to the health and well-being of our society, and waste management plays a huge role in keeping us safe. Waste management organizations around North America are urging local governments to keep waste management active.

Less Demand for Commercial Waste

All across the world, families are staying at home to either work from home or take care of kids. Of course, schools being shut down and workplaces going remote or closing means there is going to be a lot less commercial waste. NYC has already seen a significant decline in commercial waste due to closed businesses, bars, and restaurants. A similar change is expected in cities across North America as others begin to follow suit and close businesses for the time being. It’s currently unknown how long this will last, but for the time being it’s safe to expect that commercial waste is going to be on a decline.

Residential Waste is on the Rise

On the other hand, residential waste is expected to skyrocket. The Solid Waste Association of North America is telling municipalities and private waste management companies to “expect significant changes in the volume and source of solid waste as Americans and Canadians work from home”. With many families staying home all hours of the day instead of going to work or school, more trash is going to be at home than in commercial spots.

The Need for Front Loaders and Side Loaders

With that being said, the waste management industry is going to have to change for the time being to meet different market demands. With commercial waste going down, front loader trucks are going to be needed less and less until the outbreak is over. Side loader garbage trucks and rear loader garbage trucks more suited to residential use, are going to be higher in demand. While an automated side loader is one of the best trucks you can get for residential routes, rear loaders will provide your business more flexibility in the future since they can also take on demanding commercial routes.

Unfortunately, a garbage truck is a huge investment. Buying a new truck costs a lot of capital, and on top of that new trucks could easily take up to 6 months to arrive. If the truck is used, you’re uncertain about the quality and durability going forward.

Purchasing Used Garbage Trucks

At Route Ready, we offer used garbage trucks with premium quality to help you meet the new shift in demand. Rear Loaders and Side Loaders are both available and route ready. We also offer rear loader trucks in our Ready Fleet, a fleet full of garbage trucks that go through our expert-designed, custom Route Ready Plus certification. These trucks come with unprecedented quality and consistency to assist your fleet during the crisis and after it too.

We sincerely hope everyone stays safe during this outbreak. If there’s any way we can help your business, feel free to contact us and our experts can help you find a plan that will keep your business afloat and your trash bins empty.

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