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How Often Should You Replace Fleet Vehicles?

Waste management fleet managers typically replace their garbage trucks every five to 10 years. This window of time enables a balance to be struck between reducing maintenance expenses and remaining current with technology developments that can enhance operations.

Keep in mind that a garbage truck’s usable life can change depending on a number of variables, such as the vehicle’s size and type, operating environment, and frequency of use. You can choose the right replacement schedule for your fleet by considering the particular requirements of your company.

Keeping your fleet of refuse trucks well-maintained and current is key to your company’s performance. Used garbage trucks for sale from Route Ready give you the durability and functionality you need at a cost significantly lower than buying new.

Factors to Consider When Replacing Garbage Trucks

Here are some important factors to take into account when deciding how often to replace the vehicles in your garbage truck fleet.

  • Age of Your Current Fleet: Your bottom line may be impacted by the increased maintenance expenses and decreased efficiency of older vehicles. More recent models might provide better fuel economy and technical developments that can enhance your business operations.
  • Maintenance Costs: Older vehicle maintenance is expensive, and the costs may pile up rapidly. As trucks get older, they could need maintenance or repairs more frequently, which can affect your budget. Older models might also be harder to locate replacement components for, which might drive up expenses even more.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Fuel is a major expense for waste management businesses, and newer models could have higher fuel economy than older ones. You can reduce your fuel expenditures by updating your fleet to more efficient models.
  • Safety: Safety should always come first. Modern safety systems on newer vehicles may assist in reducing collisions and increase both driver and pedestrian safety.
  • Budget: As upgrading a fleet of garbage trucks can be expensive, it’s important to carefully consider your options before making a choice. You might need to spread replacements over a number of years if you can’t replace your complete fleet at once.

Get Professionally Reconditioned Refuse Trucks From Route Ready

Replacing vehicles in your garbage truck fleet is a large investment, therefore it’s critical to consider the unique requirements of your company before making a choice. You can choose the right replacement timetable for your fleet by taking into account aspects like the age of your current fleet, maintenance costs, fuel efficiency, safety, and budget.

In the end, upgrading to newer, more effective models can enhance operations, lower maintenance expenses, and boost general safety for refuse trucks and operators.

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