Are Roll Off Trucks Profitable?

Yes, roll off garbage trucks are profitable because of their versatility and their ability to haul a large volume of trash quickly. You can save your waste hauling company a lot of money by purchasing a preowned roll off truck from Route Ready. Our refurbished late-model trucks are in top condition and give you the performance and durability you need at a price much lower than buying new.

Advantage #1: Roll off Garbage Trucks Serve a Wide Range of Roles

When it comes to waste hauling, roll off garbage trucks for sale are the closest you can get to a do-it-all vehicle. Here are just some of the jobs they can tackle:

  • Commercial and industrial waste hauling – with roll off garbage trucks in your fleet, you can service factories, warehouses, construction sites, and retail establishments. What better way to boost your profits?
  • Post-disaster cleanup – tornadoes, hurricanes, and other freak weather events often leave a trail of destruction in their wake. When the unfortunate occurs, roll off garbage trucks are a great way to help a community get back on its feet.
  • Rural waste collection – 60 million Americans live in lightly settled areas with no house-to-house garbage service. Most of them take their waste to centralized dumpster locations. Transporting those dumpsters to the landfill is another job that’s custom-made for roll off trucks.

Advantage #2: Roll off Garbage Trucks Can Haul A Lot of Waste at One Time

Why go from one spot to the other collecting small amounts of trash with each stop, when a roll off truck can allow you to collect hundreds or even thousands of pounds at one location?

Dumpsters are designed to hold a lot of garbage. Transporting them is a great way to get the most “bang for your buck” during your daily operations.

Advantage #3: Roll off Garbage Trucks Are More Affordable Than You May Think

This is especially true when you buy your waste-hauling vehicles from us here at Route Ready. All of our expertly reconditioned, late-model pre-owned trucks cost significantly less than new trucks. Plus, they’re FREE OF FEDERAL EXCISE TAX, saving you even more.

We give all of our trucks a thorough top-to-bottom inspection to ensure they’re in excellent working order. All of them carry the remaining OEM warranty. Our Plus and Premium lines also carry our own industry exclusive warranties for your added peace of mind.

These trucks are READY NOW for you to take possession. So contact us today for your free garbage truck quote. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits.

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