Petersen is one of the most famous names in the waste hauling industry for a good reason. Their goal is simple: to create a range of durable workhorses with the best quality and safety standards in the business.




Built to take care of business in commercial routes.


The ultimate go-to for


Handles residential demands and obstacles.


Take on any projects with this powerful workhorse.

Petersen History and Reputation

The legacy of Petersen grapple trucks began in 1957 with the introduction of the first Lightning Loader, used in agriculture to lift baskets of fruit for canning. Since then, they’ve developed multiple trucks for trash collection applications, storm cleanup, and more.

In addition to assembling the truck’s body, chassis, and loader, almost all components of the Petersen line of trucks are manufactured in-house at one of their fabrication and machining facilities. Not only does this give the brand complete control over scheduling and quality, but it also provides a direct manufacturer–customer relationship.

Petersen Grapple Truck Benefits

Petersen’s grapple garbage trucks for sale are designed to make your workday easier, safer, and more productive:


All grapple trucks have features that make them safer than other haulers. They reduce the risk of human contact with dangerous materials, lift heavy loads that could otherwise potentially injure workers, and they’re even safer in areas with minimal visibility because operators don’t need to work outside the truck.

Petersen has integrated safety enhancements within their truck designs, too. For instance, their trash truck loader and Route Assistant models feature a slack hose recoil system and a hoseless bucket below the rotator to prevent snagging on obstructions and debris.

Some Petersen models also include an alarm to indicate when the boom is above the legal travel height.


Grapple trucks can do complicated, difficult jobs faster than most other trucks. For instance, they can easily lift thousands of pounds of awkward debris like household appliances, furniture, and construction debris.

Petersen trucks are designed with these benefits but also include features like state-of-the-art hydraulics for smooth and efficient operation and a variable speed pump to allow combined functions during operations without slowing down to unload.


One grappler often accomplishes jobs that would require more trucks and workers. This makes them a cost-effective choice, but it also adds efficiency and flexibility, allowing you to extend more services to customers.

Beyond these benefits, Petersen trucks are constructed for speed and efficiency, which will always benefit your bottom line and save you money in the long run.

Introducing: The TL3 Lightning Loader® Grapple Truck

Every Petersen truck for sale out there works hard to help you get the job done. But this legendary grappler is tailor-made for waste removal businesses. Some of its features include:

  • A 10-foot, 7100-pound and 20-foot, 3200-pound load capacity.
  • Independent manual loader and outrigger controls on both sides of the truck for operational ease and stability. (Optional dual joysticks and stationary top mount available.)
  • Enclosed hose recoil system and boom-up alarm for better safety.
  • Robust single-cylinder bucket for enhanced bite force.
  • A tight turning radius and compact wheelbase provide superior maneuverability.

The benefits of adding a grappler to your fleet are numerous, and the history and quality of the Petersen name bring way more to the table than most other grapple trucks for sale on the market.

Contact us if you’d like to learn about adding one of these workhorses to your stable, and we can provide you with a used grapple garbage truck quote. We can also give you information about other new and used garbage trucks for sale across the US and Canada.

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