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nikola-electric-garbage-truck-wpv_587x440_center_center The Future of Electric Garbage Trucks

The Future of Electric Garbage Trucks

Electric Garbage Trucks, Another New Normal? Nikola Motor Company, a pioneer in zero-emission trucks, announced their largest order yet for 2,500 battery-electric waste trucks from Republic Services. The order can be expanded to up 5,000 units, all dep…

emailheaderlogo-wpv_587x440_center_center What Is the Federal Excise Tax or FET?

What Is the Federal Excise Tax or FET?

The Federal Excise Tax on trucks was established in 1917 to create revenue for World War I. Since then, it has increased from the original 3% to a 12% tax. The FET is applicable to vehicles with a gross weight of 33,000 pounds along with trailers with…

dempster-dump-truck-wpv_587x440_center_center History of Garbage Trucks

History of Garbage Trucks

The first garbage trucks were ordered by Chiswick District Council in 1887. They were not much different from a regular dump truck. There were a number of issues with the first iteration, such as drivers manually needing to lift the garbage to the truc…

heil-wpv_587x440_center_center Heil Nextelligence Certification Program

Heil Nextelligence Certification Program

Are You A Service Technician Looking to Increase Your Knowledge on Heil Products? The Heil Nextelligence Certification Program is a balance between a classroom and a “hands-on” course that will help you: Reduce repair time for the fleets Increase produ…

used-garbage-truck-side-image-side-loader-wpv_587x440_center_center How Are Garbage Trucks Made

How Are Garbage Trucks Made

From two-wheeled carts to steel tankers, garbage trucks have evolved over the years. The need to dispose of waste materials from a neighborhood and throw them in a waste disposal site is essential to maintain cleanliness. But how are these trucks made?…