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Route Ready Warranty & Benefits

At Route Ready, we pride ourselves on providing performance and durability with every truck we sell. To ensure this, each of our garbage trucks for sale comes with our Route Ready industry exclusive five-year OEM extended warranty. In addition to our standard OEM warranty, we offer operational confidence warranties as part of our Route Ready Plus and Route Ready Premium lines. In this article, we will break down our warranties and their benefits.

Five-year OEM Extended Warranty

We truly believe that when you are buying a truck, peace of mind should come standard, which is why we offer our five-year OEM extended warranty with every truck. Under this warranty, we include the remainder of the warranty for the chassis and the body that was offered by the original equipment manufacturer, or OEM. In addition to this, we also include a five-year/250,000-mile engine warranty with after-treatment and a five-year/unlimited mile transmission warranty.

Route Ready Plus Warranty & Benefits

Under the Route Ready Plus level, our trucks go through a 215-point inspection and are reconditioned to ensure consistent garbage truck performance from day one. On top of our standard five-year OEM extended warranty and the many Route Ready Plus benefits, we add on a 30-day operational confidence warranty for every truck. The Route Ready Plus level includes more than just an additional warranty; Route Ready level trucks come with 50% or greater tires and brakes, OEM body and chassis certification, and several different levels of reconditioning. Our Route Ready Plus level trucks get upgraded mechanical, interior, and exterior reconditioning. The Plus level mechanical reconditioning consists of AC/heat service, new fluids and filters, replacement of worn or leaking hoses, and inclusion of all OEM switches and controls. The interior reconditioning consists of a full steam cleaning and professional detail as well as replacement of floorboards, steering wheel, seats, and panels as needed. The exterior reconditioning includes new or improved mirrors and windshield, repair of any body damage greater than two inches in diameter, minor paint and buffing, repair or replacement of all steps, and a full steam wash and professional detail. Lastly, Route Ready Plus offers specialized reconditioning for certain truck types, such as arm service for automated side loaders and canopy service for front loaders.

Route Ready Premium Warranty & Benefits

Our Route Ready Premium trucks go through the same 215-point inspection process as our Plus level trucks. However, our Premium trucks come with a 60-day operational confidence warranty. Route Ready Premium trucks undergo all of the same services as our standard and Plus trucks, with several additional benefits. Among these benefits are new operational hoses, all body damage repaired or improved to like-new condition, and a completely new cab and body paint (OEM or custom). The Premium level also offers the option for custom builds.

At Route Ready we always want our customers to have peace of mind knowing that we deliver performance and durability with every truck, which is why we offer our standard industry exclusive five-year OEM extended warranty, Plus level 30-day operational confidence warranty, and Premium level 60-day operational confidence warranty. Contact us today for a used garbage truck quote.

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