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Grapple Garbage Truck Safety Tips

Safety is essential for ensuring your grapple garbage trucks remain on the road and accident-free for many years. From when to use spotters to the proper technique for backing up the truck, find a range of proven strategies that will help keep your fleet and your employees safe.

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Keeping You and Your Coworkers Safe

When you are operating grapple garbage trucks around your coworkers, it is important to follow specific recommended protocols:

  1. For starters, you should always implement a human spotter whenever possible. A human spotter can provide guidance for you as you drive the truck, potentially spotting hazards you might not see.
  2. Secondly, it is important to exercise additional caution in dangerous weather situations. That includes rain, wind, snow, and darkness. Our used trucks are all tested in extreme weather to ensure the utmost level of safety is maintained.
  3. Finally, you should always keep visual contact with your employees operating near the vehicle. Keeping visual contact is essential to ensure no one has drifted into a potentially hazardous location.

Keeping Safe While Backing Up

One of the most dangerous situations that can occur while operating a grapple garbage truck is when it is in reverse. If you are operating a grapple dump truck in reverse, keep the following precautions in mind:

  • Roll down your windows: This action will allow you to hear anyone call out so you can stop accordingly.
  • Scan the area: Before reversing, scan the area to ensure there isn’t anyone in the way.
  • Use a spotter: A spotter will offer communication during the reverse and can alert you to things you might not see.
  • Never ride the steps: Riding steps adds an extra element of unnecessary danger while reversing.
  • Hazards: Before starting to reverse, ensure your hazard lights are switched on.
  • No distractions: Turn off any electronics and the truck radio, as they could distract you.

Maintaining Safety Outside of the Grapple Garbage Truck Cab

To maintain the highest level of safety, you should stay inside the cab when you are operating your grapple garbage truck. Try to avoid standing on the outside steps unless there are no other options.

If you do have to use the steps, never drive faster than 10 miles an hour. Anyone standing on the steps needs to stay focused on the road to avoid potential hazards.

Used Grapple Garbage Truck Rentals

Ensuring your grapple garbage trucks are operating safely and reliably is essential to your bottom line. At Route Ready, we provide top-quality trucks from industry-leading manufacturers, so you know you’re getting the long-term performance you need. Our used grapple dump trucks for sale not only save you significantly compared to buying new, but they are also exempt from federal excise tax.

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