Automated Garbage Truck vs. Manual Garbage Truck: A Comparison

Automated Garbage Truck vs. Manual Garbage Truck: A Comparison

An automated garbage truck offers several advantages over a manual garbage truck. These include:

  • Save money and time
  • More efficient trash collection
  • Fewer operators required
  • Greater safety
  • Cleaner streets

For some densely populated areas where parked cars routinely block easy access to trash containers, a hybrid or semi-automated truck may be the best choice. This gives operators the flexibility to manually collect trash when needed.

At Route Ready, our used automated garbage trucks for sale include top-rated models manufactured by industry leaders you trust, such as Heil, Peterbilt, McNeilus, Mack, and Freightliner. Our unique and comprehensive reconditioning process ensures that you are getting a workhorse truck that you can depend on for long-term performance and reliability, while saving significant capital compared to the cost of buying new. Invest with confidence thanks to our exclusive warranties, and save more due to the fact that our trucks are free of federal excise tax.

Below, let’s explore further the many advantages of automated refuse trucks.

Advantages of Automated Garbage Trucks

An automated garbage truck uses a mechanical arm to lift and dump residential waste cans. Here are the chief benefits it offers:

  • Improved collection efficiency – An automated garbage truck can collect and dump waste faster and easier than manual workers.
  • Reduced costs and fewer operators required
  • Enhanced safety – Operators spend more time in the cab than with manual garbage trucks, meaning fewer opportunities for injury and time missed from work.
  • Cleaner, healthier streets – An automated garbage truck is less likely to leave litter on the streets after pickup than a manual design.
  • Limit overages – A volume-based containerized system helps cut down on overages.

Manual vs. Automated Garbage Trucks: Which Is Right for Your Business?

Automated garbage trucks represent the latest engineering and technology advances in the waste-hauling industry, offering clear advantages over traditional manual collection trucks.

At Route Ready, our used garbage trucks for sale offer significant savings over purchasing brand-new vehicles. Not only do they have lower sticker prices, they’re also FREE OF FEDERAL EXCISE TAX, saving you even more.

Peace of mind is another benefit of doing business with us. That’s because our Plus and Premium vehicle lines are covered by our own industry-exclusive warranties, and ALL of our trucks carry the remaining OEM warranty.

A third benefit is easy scalability. Work with us as your partner to expand your fleet quickly and cost-effectively while meeting long-term forecasts for increased demand.

Contact us today for your used garbage truck quote. Choosing our automated side loader garbage trucks for sale means you’ll soon be well on the way to higher profits.

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