Advantages of Owning Used Refuse Equipment vs Buying New

Advantages of Owning Used Refuse Equipment vs. Buying New

Buying used refuse trucks for sale from Route Ready can potentially offer numerous advantages over buying new, including:

  • Have the infrastructure in place to take advantage of substantial long-term contracts
  • Fulfill long-term plans for scalable fleet expansion
  • Significant tax savings as a result of capital investment
  • Get top-condition late-model trucks at a fraction of the cost of buying new

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of purchasing a fully refurbished, warranty-backed preowned refuse truck from Route Ready.

Factors to Consider When Buying Used Refuse Equipment

Timing and anticipated length of use are two important factors to consider when deciding between buying a new or used refuse trucks to add to your waste-hauling fleet. If you’re looking to build your fleet to take advantage of new markets or long-term contracts, buying preowned refuse trucks may be the most attractive option. With a trusted partner like Route Ready, you can confidently meet your forecasted truck needs and stay on track for future growth. Purchasing used trash vehicles gives your business the further advantage of immediate tax benefits such as asset depreciation and other expense deductions.

Used Refuse Trucks Versus New: Which Is Better?

Let’s now consider the advantages of buying a used garbage trucks when compared to purchasing a new one:

  • First is the opportunity for substantial savings – thanks to the lower purchase price and the FREEDOM FROM FEDERAL EXCISE TAX you’ll enjoy.
  • Second is the chance to get top-condition equipment – our garbage trucks are made by top industry manufacturers and come with all the features you want.
  • Third is the peace of mind that comes from commercial warranties – our Plus and Premium vehicles are covered by our own industry-exclusive warranties, and ALL of our trucks are covered by the remaining OEM warranty.
  • Forth is the current market conditions – Like many other businesses around the world, there are delays within supply chains. The building costs of making a new garbage truck have gone up and usually those higher prices are passed along to the consumer. Buying used helps bring down the overall price of a garbage truck without sacrificing quality.

Route Ready: Your Source for Used Refuse Trucks

All our used refuse trucks for sale undergo a rigorous top-to-bottom inspection to ensure that they’re in excellent operating condition. You get the durable, long-term performance you need at significant cost savings compared with buying new. Get in touch with us today for your used refuse truck quote. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits.

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